Contrary to popular business opinion in the Baldwin Park area, email marketing is far from dead. In fact, it presents a powerful way to reach out to new customers and generate sales opportunities. Every prospect that visits your site should have multiple ways to contact you, inspect your products, and most importantly deposit their email address into your database. By creating multiple Opt-In forms on your website, you can mine the customer data to create your own custom marketing list.

Staying in contact with site visitors is a sure way to convert prospects into customers. But how to get started building a good list? The best way to create a list is to offer an email opt-in form on your home page high enough that these prospects do not have to scroll down to find it. In order to generate a custom form, you may need to sign up with an online marketing services provider. These types of services usually run about $20 per month, which is much less expensive than a spamming fine! Generally, these kinds of email services will allow you a high degree of control over collecting email addresses, managing the lists, and sending follow-up messages to subscribers on your list.

If you have an e-commerce enabled website, an opt-in form can also be placed in your checkout process. If your future customers have gone as far as the shopping cart, they will probably also be interested in receiving special offers and coupons from you in the future. Your e-commerce provider will probably be able to embed an opt-in form during the checkout process.

Professional bloggers can also take advantage of data collection by placing an opt-in form into the section reserved for comments. By putting an opt-in form here, you can get right in front of people who have already proven an interest in your content. Some of the most well known blog modules offer opt-in forms during set-up or can be acquired by a special plug-in.

Customers are harder to reach than ever and if you have a retail space in Baldwin Park you can generate new sales by offering an opt-in form to your website. By building your own marketing list, you will keep your finger on the pulse of your target market!



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