Business NetworkBusiness success can be hard to come by these days. This uncertain economy has made it a quite a challenge for many retailers to keep their doors open. Those businesses that do succeed are finding a tougher operating environment with fierce competition. Retailing is harder than ever and business owners, especially those with prime Baldwin Park locations need to learn new skills to be competitive and stay in front of loyal customers as well as reel in new prospects. In the world of business, everyone knows that having a sale is an effective way to generate revenue. But today’s customers are more sophisticated than that and having a sale every other week can desensitize your market. Enter the concept of networking.

Networking entails a lot of different aspects but rendered into its most basic form, networking is simply making pro-active contact with potential customers. Networking is a tried and true way to generate business and has been around since the early days of commerce. Nomads and early traders often engaged in networking to sell their wares and the 21st Century marketplace is no different. Customers want to do business with people they know and trust. There is no better way to reach out than getting in front of people.

One of the best ways to start and build your business network is to join the local Chamber of Commerce. These organizations are focused on building local businesses and their relationships within the community. In fact, the Chamber will host events specifically designed for retailers including ribbon cuttings and open houses for new or re-launched retailers. Chambers also host mixers where you can not only keep tabs on your competitors, but also generate referrals from associated businesses. For example, dry cleaners and tailors can partner with clothing stores. Fitness gyms can partner with local restaurants. The point is to increase your customer base at the grassroots level.

Networking has really taken off in the online environment. In the retail environment, personal networking opportunities abound and can spell success for many shopping center operations.



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