Customers are the lifeblood of any business and there is a lot of competition to get them through your doors. While there are many traditional ways of marketing to reach your customers, putting some effort into a special event might help you stand apart from the rest of the pack. Because we are inundated with marketing and advertising messages, customers are looking for something different. Here are three ways that event marketing may help drive more business to your door:

Event marketing can increase brand recognition: many small-business owners compete to get their products into customers’ hands. Unfortunately, many owners think that simply hanging up a sign will keep the product from languishing on the shelves. Customers are more sophisticated than that. Smart business owners go to where their customers like to mingle. Taking your products to trade shows and other events will afford you an opportunity to get yourself in front of your market. Building brand recognition in the community or industry while your competitors sit in the store can increase sales dramatically.

It is a cost effective way to build interest: The key to a successful marketing event is to choose a venue that will attract the right crowd. Locations such as malls, fairs, or online auctions can grab the attention of your best prospects. Events that feature live entertainment with the opportunity to test a product are usually extremely successful. The event environment separates this type of marketing from traditional sampling models and the excitement of participating is what will generate immediate sales.

Events foster a true connection with your customers: a recent industry survey on event marketing featuring 14 product and service categories, with 80% of the participating consumers responding that they were more likely to purchase new products and services by experiencing it for themselves. This type of interaction can go a long way toward building a loyal customer that refers you to others.

Event and demonstration marketing allows your prospective customers to interact with your product in a memorable way and extends your brand beyond what is stenciled on your door!



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