Franchises are a great way to get into business and the first step in finding the right business model is to determine what you really want from this investment. This is a major commitment that will require a major investment in both time and money; but if the franchise will not deliver the desired results for the lifestyle you want, it may not be the right opportunity for you. Here are three steps that will guide you o your journey toward a franchise in a prime location in a Baldwin Park shopping center:

Initial Interview: the first review of the franchise concept will most likely occur by telephone. This first part is where you and the franchise sales representative discuss what makes you successful, and what your long terms goals might be. The franchise sales representative in turn will guide you to understand what makes a franchisee successful. The process begins by determining whether you possess the skills and aptitudes to succeed within the franchise.

Qualifications: at this point the franchisor will help formulate a more specific plan that includes whether or not you have the financial means to undertake a franchise business opportunity. Creating an open and honest environment with the franchise rep will likely help you see the potential. Furthermore, you will benefit from an insider’s perspective on what it takes to win with a franchise.

Research: usually this is a period of intense data analysis. At this point in the process, you test the stability of the business systems and determine whether or not the franchisor has a profitable business model. If the franchise appears to be a viable model and good fit for you personally, you should invest in professional advice. You will require the services of an attorney review your agreements and an accountant to review your business plan.

Many people have realized the American dream by investing in a franchise. Perhaps now it is your turn to seize the opportunity of a successful business.



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