Gateway Center 10 Years1622 Puente Ave, Baldwin Park, CA—the economy has hit a lot of businesses pretty hard in the last few years. However, an award winning shopping center has not only survived this historic downturn; but has thrived. Located between West Covina, Azusa, and La Puente where the I-605 and I-10 freeways intersect; Baldwin Park is a growing community with a lot to offer and the Gateway Center has been a beacon of economic stability in these uncertain times. Gateway Center has a lot to celebrate this year.

Not a lot of retail shopping centers are self sustaining and boast an occupancy rate of well over eighty percent. A quick scan of many news outlets will quickly reveal that shopping centers are closing across the country and Southern California is not immune. A drive-by survey of many areas will show that these types of establishments are half empty, if they have tenants at all.

This is not the case for the successful Gateway Center which was named the “Best of Baldwin Park” in 2005, three short years after the city targeted it as a categorical disaster. The new management team has put a shine on the center’s neighborhood presentation and takes stock in becoming an integral part of the community. Furthermore, their retail offerings represent the finest that business has to offer local residents for convenience and value.

Anchored on the West side by Dollar Tree; customers regularly visit the center for everything from low priced discount merchandise to holistic healing and Mexican seafood. Other high profile companies such as Subway, Starbuck’s, and Metro PCS Wireless round out the variety of retail and service offerings for Baldwin Park locals. Since the Gateway Center is about providing the community with top quality tenants, there is also a medical office as well as a dental clinic.

One of the new management team’s priorities is facilitating relationships not only with the community but also with their business customers. Business tenants such as Fresh and Easy and Starbuck’s require a high level of personal service; service that is extended to all the Center’s tenants. Timely responsiveness to a business owner’s needs has been at the core the shopping center’s success. These relationship building philosophies are what have catapulted the location from the bottom to the top in the last ten years.

Convenience, customer service, and a diverse range of shopping and dining opportunities are keys to success in this new normal economy. It is no secret that Southern California was one of the epicenters that served as a catalyst for the Great Recession. Once construction began to tank and jobs were lost by the thousands; it followed that shopping also severely contracted due to lack of discretionary income. Some business leaders possessed the acumen to not only ride out the turmoil, but seized upon unique opportunities presented by the downturn. The professionals at the Gateway Center guided Baldwin Park’s best shopping plaza through the roughest times in recent history…and that is certainly cause for celebration!

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